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Acoustic solutions!

About Okscon

Okscon -  acoustic solutions

JSC Okscon represents Baswa Acoustic in Lithuania and Kaliningrad. We are not only introducing the production of Baswa Acoustic, - we are educating designers on its performance and design capabilities. Switzerland based company requires extreme precision and quality when it comes to installation of their production. Only the companies that successfully complete the training receive a BASWA Partner certificate which indicates a certified installer and allow to install their products. Not only we disseminate information about this excellent acoustic material, we also have extensive experience in installing it. If you need perfect acoustics - Baswa will surprise you, and we will make sure everything is done perfectly!

Created and produced in Switzerland.

 The original, most specified sound absorbing plaster, with 25 years of installations.

5,000 square feet without a control joint can be applied to flat or complex surfaces.

NRCs up to 1.05; the most sound absorptive plaster.

Finishes are mold, moisture and mildew resistant. Perfect for spas, natatoriums or porte-cochères.

Coatings are made of a crushed marble aggregate.

Typical drying time between coats is overnight.

BASWA Partner certificate

The installation of BASWA products will be exclusively transferred to suitable companies, specially trained for this. For the selection of suitable companies, if possible the requirements of developers and architects are taken into consideration. Training of the companies is normally carried out at the headquarters of the company in Baldegg, Switzerland. Companies who successfully complete the training receive a BASWA Partner certificate which indicates a certified installer and allow to install our products.

About Baswa Acoustic

BASWA technology


The BASWAphon acoustics systems provide control of reverberation in rooms with reverberant, reflecting surfaces and materials (concrete, glass, stone, metal etc.) discards the acoustic energy generated in the room itself and generates an unpleasant noise level and a diffuse sound. This impairs the well-being and concentration.

In contrast, sound-absorbing surfaces destroy a great part of the acoustic energy occurring and, thereby, permit the original source of sound to emerge clearly: noises are effortlessly differentiated, the spoken word is easily understood. For this reason, many countries progressively provide a restriction of reverberation in their legislation, above all in public areas. Also in housing construction, control of reverberation is becoming increasingly more significant.

Often, the restriction of reverberation is included in the design concept of architects (perforated panels, perforated surfaces, industrial prefabricated elements etc.). In contrast, the BASWA technology is adaptable (in its surface structure, colouring, shape), so that it can be included in esthetical concepts with no problem – BASWAphon surfaces are optically not regarded as acoustic surfaces.


BASWA systems

Systems   Base Fine Classic
Coating 1 Coat system  
  2 Coat system    
Jointless Solid ceiling up to max. 500 m2
  Suspended ceiling up to max. 150 m2
Grain size Very fine grain 0.3 mm    
  Fine grain 0.5 mm    
  Coarse grain 0.7 mm    
System thicknesses 30 mm
  50 mm
  70 mm
Acoustics Minimum αw 0.60
  Maximum αw 0.90    
Fire class Non-combustible (A2-S1, d0)
Standard colour ~ NCS S 0500-N
Other colours RAL / NCS
Application Ceiling
  Curved surfaces    
Installation time 7 days including drying times 1*  
  9 days including drying times 1*    


1* - The installation time quoted is based on a team of three to four persons and a ceiling size of 80 to 100 m2. The drying times are based on the room conditions: 20°C room temperature / 50 % relative air humidity.

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